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To provide a full suite of audit, tax and business advisory services to MSMEs, and Large Enterprise and to ensure that they adopt best financial management practices in their operations

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We go the extra mile to understand our client’s peculiar needs and tailor solutions specific to addressing their problems

We provide accounting and assurance services

High quality business advisory services relative to audit, accounting and tax at a reasonable cost

A reliable accounting system solutions

The key to meeting these requirements lies on a strong accounting system and that is what we intend to offer you.

We know our job

Compliance with statutory, legal and donor requirements is paramount to the good corporate governance of every entity. It makes an entity to be seen as being socially responsible. This is important when analyzed from the fact that the implications of non-compliance are severe and can have serious repercussions on an entity. Non-compliance with statutory obligations exposes an entity to penalties, which can have adverse effects on the entity’s cash flow.

The key to meeting these requirements lies on a strong accounting system and that is what we intend to offer you – a reliable Accounting System Solutions.

Who we are

H & A Chartered Accountants is founded on 25th September, 2012 on a mission “to provide a full suite of audit, tax and business advisory services to MSMEs, and Large Enterprise and to ensure that they adopt best financial management practices in their operations”.

The main objective of H & A is to provide clients with high quality business advisory services relative to audit, accounting and tax at a reasonable cost. We recognize that our strategic aim is to play a positive role in our clients’ operations by giving expert business advice that would shape their business decisions.

The firm was established by two partners and also supported by associates whose careers have focused on providing a comprehensive array of audit, accounting, tax and business advisory services to both Government and private firms, including micro, small, medium and large businesses and non-profit organizations.

When you need accounting services, from simple accounting set-up system, to book-keeping, comprehensive training, audit, assurance, tax and business advisory services…We are there to help you.

Our core values


We believe that, leading the way is essential to driving growth of our firm and that of our clients.


We go the extra mile to understand our client’s peculiar needs and tailor specific solutions in addressing their problems.


We are committed to succeeding in everything we do, by providing superior service with integrity to our clients.


Knowledge is power that is why we pride ourselves with the team of experts and seasoned academia at our disposal. Our associates have seen it all in the field of finance, tax and accountancy.

What we offer

summary of our services

Audit & Assurance Services

Our approach to auditing is adaptable, identifying processing points where accounting check should exist, evaluating only relevant and effective audits, highlighting missing and ineffective controls for corrective actions, and generally ensuring that significant audit efforts are concentrated on areas where there are the greatest risks in addition to covering other important areas.

Our audit is designed to guarantee that we can also give analyzes and recommendations to further enhance your firm in addition to delivering your judgment on the financial statements.

We also submit a Management Letter in addition to the Financial Statement detailing our findings/comments and recommendations to the people responsible for institution governance (the Board, Management or the Owner).

In order to provide excellent services, we strive to comply with the ISA and the International Financial Reports Standards rigorously (IFRS). Within our methodology, we are looking for answers to specific questions about the value to the customer through the Audit. The focus on value enables us to discover and suggest methods for business and control that increase the operation of the customer's business.

Companies may require several sorts of auditing services in accordance with their unique needs. Therefore, we provide a Statutory Audit, Claim Audit, Payroll Audit, Tax Assistance Audit, and etc.

We provide assurance services for the purpose of submitting the best possible financial or non-financial information to clients so that they can make informed decisions.

Our assurance Services are not limited to internal financial projections, due diligence for a transaction involving another company, and reports on individual financial components within a company

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Tax Services

Tax law is highly sophisticated and constantly changing, making it difficult for the average person to stay up-to-date and be informed. This typically leads to improper administration of your tax affairs, resulting in fines or more tax payment. We therefore propose that our tax experts help you to comply with these tax rules, save money and reduce the aggravation with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

You may anticipate helpful assistance from us on fiscal concerns, such as tax holidays under the GIPC law, or the Ghana Revenue Administration to solve tax problems. Individuals and organizations are required to obtain tax clearance certificates to undertake certain transactions, and, when specifically requested, we assist clients through representing them before the Ghana Revenue Authority Commissioner for the purpose of consensus on tax obligations and negotiating payments.

We also advise clients on important changes that occur from time to time in the tax laws and regulations.

Our Tax Evaluation may help you in:

  • Processing of registrations for direct and Indirect taxes
  • Computation of taxes
  • Completion and submission of tax returns
  • Application for Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC)
  • Monitoring the status of tax compliance
  • Dealing with the Tax Regulator on your behalf
  • Any other Tax service which pertains specifically to the Client's industry of operation

We collaborate with your team in order to guarantee your business is managed smoothly.

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Payroll Services

Our payroll services are applied in a variety of sectors and industries. We assist you simplify your current payroll procedures and enhance the overall effectiveness and accuracy of your payroll department. Our customer is anticipated to benefit from our support in the right and accurate data processes and therefore they are free from sanctions imposed by the regulatory institutions. We can also provide assistance in the provision of new payroll software and subsequent implementation needs.

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Corporate Training

We provide a comprehensive corporate training to our clients, enabling them to drive performance.

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Business Advisory

Our Advisory solutions are targeted at the holistic growth and sustenance of your business and assist in managing its performance through business cycles.We provide you with integrated solutions for your business across functions that help in unlocking its true potential.

We give specialized advice on capital formation, cash flow, audit, accounting and tax.

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Other Support Services

A professional partnership with our company offers enterprises access to complete secretarial services and other support services.

Other unique services we offer include business planning and feasibility studies, accounting Information systems, business planning, inventory management, company registration and renewal, GIPC Registration, Resident and Working Permit, and more.

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Accounting Solutions

We use computerized accounting software to build, analyze and visualize accounting information. The rendering of accounting services is a key priority among the majority of our customers who have found that our accounting services are efficient and cost-effective compared to maintaining internal accounting.

The purpose of this service is to enable the management and top Executives to understand the various reports created by our professional trained computerized accountants.

We also assist businesses to enhance its accounting procedures by developing strategies that guarantee accounting consistency.

Furthermore, we analyze the provided data and assist the owners or managers comprehend what the facts and figures indicate. Management's attention is drawn to the most relevant figures through interpreting the financial accounts

We then help with the financial forecasts needed to measure the profits of our customer's firm.

Our computerized accounting system

computerize accounting involves this three (3) simple steps



Create accounts using computerized accounting software



Process accounting information using computerized accounting software



Produce reports using computerized accounting software

We make a difference

Our Clients chose us for our professionalism, accuracy, integrity and commitment to their success.

Firm Partners

Image Description

Dr. Hamisu Mohammed

Managing Partner

Key Qualifications: PhD, CA, MBA, BMS, LLB, PG CerHE, HND

Dr Hamisu Muhammed Muhammed is an accomplished Chartered Accountant and Director of Finance at Ghana Communication Technology University, Ghana, who was honoured in 2008 as a “Best Candidate in Corporate Reporting Strategy” by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana). Dr. Hamisu is the Managing Partner of H & A Chartered Accountants where he directs and supervise both financial and non- financial audits; leads in execution of various consultancies and acts as resource person in corporate training services.

In academia, Dr Hamisu lectures both undergraduate and graduate students. His areas of specialization include Accounting, Audit, Taxation, Corporate Finance; International Financial Markets; Institutional Investment; Financial Analysis for Managers; and Business Ethics in a Global Context. Dr Hamisu supervises numerous MBA Theses at Ghana Technology University College Graduate School. Dr Hamisu is a member of the following committees at GTUC – Financial Planning Advisory Team (FPAT) and Pension Committee.

Dr Hamisu holds PhD in Business Administration, MBA (Finance) and Bachelor of Management Studies from CASS European Institute of Management Studies (CASS Europe), France. University of Leicester and University of Cape Coast respectively. Dr Hamisu also holds Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Post-Graduate Certificate in Higher Learning from MountCrest University College and Coventry University (UK) respectively.

Dr Hamisu is a member of the Chartered Institute of Accountants (Ghana) and the Institute of Internal Auditors (Ghana).

In sum, Dr Hamisu is an outstanding professional and a scholar with wealth of experience in industry (private and public sector) and academia. Dr Hamisu is a mentor to both undergraduate and graduate students; he is very friendly, selfless, and affable.

Our Team

Francis Biney

Business Advisor

Yussif Osman

Audit Manager

Jonas K. Acquah

Tax Expert

Samuel Opoku Boateng

CA, Snr Associate

Daniel Twumasi

Jnr Associate

Marlon Bamfo

Compliance Officer


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